iTookOff for iOS 7

I know many of you are excited for an iTookOff for iOS update. We are currently planning a huge update to bring the app up to the new design and functionality standards for iOS 7. The update is nearly complete on preview software so when Apple releases the next version of iOS, iTookOff for iOS 1.7.5 will be soon to follow. Along with iOS7 design and functionality updates, 1.7.5 will fix the landscape orientation bugs in the iPad version. We hope to include syncing to iTookOff Online 1.7.5 in some form. It may be limited to iPad/iPhone type syncing but we're definitely working on it.

Simple reporting now available on iTookOff Online

Simple reporting has been added to the "My Data" section of iTookOff Online. You can now easily send yourself an email or view a report securely on the site of your paid leave balances and a timeframe of days off that you took. To try it out, go to "Settings" => "My Data" => "Reporting". Please let us know ASAP if you have any issues using it!

Email Issues

If you received a whole bunch of emails from us, we sincerely apologize. A misconfiguration on the server due to some package upgrades have caused emails to backup in the mail queue and after restarting, the dam broke. Once again, we apologize for any email bombardments you may have experienced from iTookOff!

We've moved!

We've just switched to a faster dedicated server. Please bare with us as we continue to tweak and optimize it. You may notice emails going to your Spam folder for a little while. This is because we've changed IP addresses on our mail server so our prior reputation as a good sender has returned to neutral. Thanks for your patience! is moving to a new server

Saturday starting at around 12PM ET, iTookOff Online will be down for maintenance as we migrate the site to a different server. We're only expecting it to take about two hours but in the event the migration does not succeed we will continue on the current server.

1.7.3 Submitted to Apple

iTookOff for iOS 1.7.3 has been submitted to Apple for validation. The changelog includes the following: - 4" iPhone support! - Issue where weekly accrual was sometimes invalid should be fixed now. Please contact us if this is still an issue for you. - Day after Thanksgiving date calculation fixed. - A bunch of other small bug fixes and tweaks. As always, please remember to backup your iOS device before updating.

Multi-profile Accounts are Here!

We're putting the finishing touches on multi-profile accounts in iTookOff Online. This means you can now track time for more than one person in your account. If you've ever needed to track time for a spouse or significant other, iTookOff Online can now do it. If you are finding this page from a search engine, sign-up for a free account! A second profile is free for now but when the site officially launches users will be charged to add profiles to their account. One of the benefits of being a beta tester is that your free extra profile will always be free. You can find it in the new "My Data" section of settings. Once you create your second profile, you will notice a drop-down box appear at the top right in your login module. You can easily switch the context of the site back and forth between your profiles. Keep in mind that if you do an import or adjust time settings in any regard, it will affect your currently active profile. There are some safeguards in place to keep you from accidentally corrupting data between profiles if you browse the site in multiple tabs. The feature is still in beta and while we do exhaustive testing, sometimes things can break. Please contact us in the event that you notice anything awry, particularly in the time adjustment emails.

Multi-User Account Discussion

One of the most requested features for iTookOff is the ability to handle multiple users. After re-examining the feedback we've been getting we noticed that there are two distinct requests. Generally, users want to track time for their small business or users just want an extra profile for their spouse on the same account. So, another goal for this year is to offer two distinct multi-user experiences. We'd love to hear your feedback on these ideas and offer the chance to play a role in overall shaping of these products. The first experience that we'd like to offer users is the ability to add configurations to their account. Right now, when you create a free account, one configuration is generated. This configuration contains all of your leave and days off. Users who purchase additional configurations would then have a dropdown to switch between active configurations. Time will be accrued in the same manner it is now, but the email may get longer as more profiles are added. The second experience is what we have named iTookOff MU. This will be a multi-user platform for tracking the leave of multiple users that share similar categories. The goal of this will be a low-cost tiered subscription model for small businesses that want to track the time of their employees. We'd really love to hear your feedback on any ideas regarding features, needs, pricing, etc.

Synching Data is Coming Soon

This year, our plan is to unify the iPhone/iPad/Online experience. We are working steadily to bring this to all platforms but rather than forking our efforts and adding different synching mechanisms to all versions, we are going to focus on making the app a thin client to the online service. This way, synching will be automatic, accruals will occur on the server and data will be accessible everywhere. We've been working on several different implementations but it's time to focus on one and get a consolidated product out to users. We're going to push another update or two to iTookOff 1.7.X for bug fixes but work is steadily happening on iTookOff 2.0. We're going to focus on getting data export on 1.7.X to iTookOff Online so when 2.0 comes out you will just be able to login. Sorry for the delays on this, we are working on it as hard as we can and hope to have some news for you guys soon!

iTookOff 1.7.2 Approved and Ready for Sale

iTookOff 1.7.2 has been approved and is now available for download in the App Store. This update should fix the crashing issue when users try to add time in iOS6. Remember to back up your device's data before updating and please let us know if you experience any issues with the latest version.