iTookOff 1.5.2 pushed to apple

A bug was located in 1.5.1 where if you setup yearly accrual in the same year that it is supposed to accrue, it may not work. A patch has been uploaded to Apple for review and should be approved this week. There is also a bug where the app will crash when you try to edit the name of the? fourth leave category. Thanks Malcolm and Luke! For those affected by the year accrual bug who would like to trigger accrual after updating to 1.5.2, set the anniversary date to tomorrow's date, close the app and re-open it tomorrow. Accrual should trigger then. You will be able to set the anniversary date back after successful accrual.

Free iTookOff 1.5.1 Codes

It is April 1st, 2010. Today you will not be able to believe anything you read on the internet. Instead of a trick, here are eight free download codes for iTookOff 1.5.1. If you use one, leave a comment which one worked for you.
  6. NL6T697KYPW9
This blog doesn't receive much traffic so there's a good chance one of these will work. I'll remove them when they expire.

1.5.1 uploaded to Apple for review

Version 1.5.1 has been uploaded to Apple for review. You should be receiving your update next week sometime. This is a maintenance release to fix some bugs from the 1.5 update. Backup your data before updating!
  • Text on archive page now says “earlier than” not “later than” to eliminate confusion.
  • Rounding bug on settings page when toggling enter type back and forth
  • Heading now gets updated on the table when time is added.
  • News page URL moved to new address.
I've been busy working on 1.6 in a different branch. It's coming along nicely and there should be screenshots next week. UPDATE 3/30/2010: update approved

What people are saying...

As iTookOff builds in popularity, I get a lot of emails from customers with a ton of great suggestions and excellent feedback. Apart from the great reviews it gets in the app store, I also get a lot of compliments and thanks that I'd like to share:
"Love your app." -CG "Great job on a useful app." -CKE "Just downloaded the update. ? I'm very impressed! ? The new look and features are great! ? Thanks so much!" -LG "This is a really nice app. I truly find it to be very helpful. Thanks." -VA "Love the new version." -JW "Just to say congratulations for an excellent release. You have created one of the best apps for its content and quality." -JT "I like the new home page changes. ... Keep up the good work, thanks!" -AGW "Just what I needed." -SC "I have been using the previous version which was good, now your latest version with the calendar is even better, a great app that is focused and functional - well done." -GG "I've been using ? iTookOff and I rather like it" -DH "Nice new interface. Thank you" -NF "A lot of my friends at work are downloading this program after I told them about it" -RS "I LOVE the new calendar interface." -GC "Amazing update, I'm well glad I bought the app! Great work" -HR "This is a great app" -JT "Thanks for building this app!" -GG "Wonderful program with tons of potential. Keep up the good work." -DM "I love this application..." -TS
My thanks to everyone who uses and enjoys iTookOff. Emails like these make the development worth it. It's grown from a very simple tabulation tool to a high quality and useful application which continues to grow. Thank you!

Paid App Reviews...

With regards to this article on wired: Developers, Websites Respond to iPhone App Payola Story I have submitted iTookOff for consideration from some of the blogs mentioned and I was never propositioned for money. I was never reviewed by them either. My personal stance on the paid app review policy is that I just don't believe in paying for a review. If it works for others that's cool, it's just not my preference. I'm sensitive to both sides of the argument so I can't take sides either way. I do, however, feel that if an app review is paid for, it should be mentioned in the review. I appreciate all those who have given iTookOff reviews both favorable and unfavorable. The more feedback the better.

iTookOff 1.5.1

1.5.1 will be uploaded shortly to address some typos and errors in 1.5.
  • Text on archive page should say "earlier than" not "later than"
  • Rounding bug on settings page when toggling enter type back and forth (don't do this, it's bad).
  • Heading doesn't get updated on the table when time is added.

Server Migration in Progress

iTookOff will be moving to this new server soon as it has become profitable enough to support a domain name purchase. Previously, iTookOff was hosted at Moving forward, all links will be redirected here. This gives us the opportunity to deliver more focused news as well as development updates. Stay tuned for the migration.

iTookOff in the NY Daily News

On Sunday March 14th, 2010, Matt Marrone of the NY Daily News included iTookOff in his article entitled "A few apps that can help make your iPhone the best PDA ever."
iTookOff (99 cents): Can't seem to keep tabs on your time off from work? Want to make sure you're squeezing out every last vacation day? This app tracks how you've spent your personal days, sick days and more - keeping you up-to-date on how many you have to spare.
Thank you for the write-up Matt!