Crashing issues on iOS 14.2

We're aware of a crashing issue on iOS 14.2. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working on an update to restore access to the app! Thank you for your patience!

New Site Design

It's been a while since we last gave the website a facelift. We've leveraged the recently released bootstrap 4 library to give the site a fresh look and feel and to really modernize the mobile representation of the site. Let us know what you think or if you find any bugs!

1.7.10, more bug fixes

1.7.10 has been submitted to Apple for review. Several bugs have been fixed including the following: - Fix the email switch on the "take a day off" page. - Add character length limits to reason fields to avoid a problem causing data saving to break. - iTookOff will now request permissions from the user for notifications so that badges will work again. Sorry for the bugs and thank you for reporting them!

Early March iOS Release flurry

1.7.8 was released to address issues but vigilant users were quick to point out two bugs. First, we broke the time prediction feature. The scrolling window stopped listening to clicks and was stuck off screen. Second, a date scroller was visible on the screen what it wasn't activated yet on the archive tool. 1.7.9 has been pushed to Apple for review to resolve these. Thanks again for your patience and for pointing out bugs so quickly!

1.7.8 Pushed to Apple

iTookOff for iOS 1.7.8 has been pushed to Apple for review. We're hoping this compeletely resolves the large screen issues on some devices. We also found a bug in the settings code where sometimes things weren't saved. One quick note, some of the views weren't completely "spread out" to fill the screen on large devices. We will eventually get to those but in the interest of getting this patch out quickly, we did the best we could. Once again, if you find any issues please let us know immediately! Thanks again for your patience!

Latest update iPad views askew

It was brought our attention shortly after 1.7.7 was released that the views were a little broken on some iPads. We're working on a fix and increasing our device testing requirements. We're hoping to have a 1.7.8 fix pushed up for review by the end of this weekend. Thanks again for your vigilance, bug reports, and continued support!

iTookOff for iOS update 1.7.7

An update to the mobile app was pushed earlier this week and when it hit the app store, we were quickly alerted to scaling bugs in some of the views. These scaling bugs should be addressed in 1.7.7 and we've added the Good Friday holiday for US holidays. Thank you for your patience and vigilence in reporting bugs!

iTookOff 1.7.6 was a maintenance release to fix some issues arising from the inexorable march of progress that is iOS. We've modernized many components and fixed a few bugs. Hope this helps out while we continue to work on a major release.

Leaving beta soon!

We're gearing up to leave beta with the iTookOff Online service after several years of testing. iTookOff Online has drawn hundreds of beta testers despite having zero advertising outside of the Salerno Labs network of applications. This is an important milestone as we'll be adding a bunch of new features and changing things up a bit.

The first major announcement is the new iTookOff Online Plus subscription-based premium service component. Subscribers will enjoy multiple profiles from one account, automatic scheduled email reports, priority support, and the fully detailed accrual emails you've come to know and love. Pricing and additional details will be announced as we come closer to the end of the beta period.

Free iTookOff Online accounts will still be able to maintain their primary profile leave data as well as receive notifications by email when their time accrues.

Leaving beta and launching iTookOff Online Plus will be a major stepping stone towards providing a unified native app experience as well. Longer-term goals include the launch of new iOS and Android apps that will interface and sync directly with iTookOff Online.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the beta, your feedback and support have always been the driving force behind this application.

Happy Holidays!

We've added US Holidays to the calendar! We are planning on adding the ability to adjust which holidays you see and we're planning on adding other country holidays as well. 

We've also fixed some bugs that have been reported by our community including but not limited to:

  • Weekends were not properly being skipped on multi-day time requests, holidays are skipped as well.
  • Deleted past time now adds the time back to your leave balance

Happy Holidays from Salerno Labs!

Replatform to Chorizo

We're very happy to announce that iTookOff Online has moved over to our proprietary Chorizo web framework. The entire code-base has been rewritten with modern practices and should run much faster than before. While it will look almost exactly the same as before (for now) there are massive changes under the hood. The decision to move off of CodeIgniter2 was a natural one as the platform is out of date and basically unsupported. Going forward we will be able to leverage new features and modern technologies to continue building the site.

Along with this replatform, we've decided to remove Facebook Connect as a means for authentication with iTookOff Online. The simple fact is that less than 1% of users chose it as an option for logging in and maintaining it holds us back from developing other parts of the site. Users who have a linked account will receive an email with instructions on how to log in to their accounts without Facebook Connect. To be honest, while it is a great feature, it doesn't make too much sense for this particular application other than simply making it easy to login. Facebook comments will also be migrated out as well.

In addition, all prior passwords have been expired. You will need to create a new password upon logging in by following directions in an email you'll receive. This gives us the opportunity to use stronger hashes to increase security moving forward.

It's taken a ton of effort to get back in to fighting shape but we hope the site performance and now the opportunity for us to expand the site makes up for any bugs you guys might come upon. Speaking of which, please let us know immediately if you find any bugs or have any trouble logging in!

TLDR; for a long time iTookOff Online development has been stymied by the aged platform it was originally built on. It is now in the final stages of being replatformed to a faster, more modern, and proprietary framework. We're also removing Facebook Connect functionality.