Synching Data is Coming Soon

This year, our plan is to unify the iPhone/iPad/Online experience. We are working steadily to bring this to all platforms but rather than forking our efforts and adding different synching mechanisms to all versions, we are going to focus on making the app a thin client to the online service. This way, synching will be automatic, accruals will occur on the server and data will be accessible everywhere. We've been working on several different implementations but it's time to focus on one and get a consolidated product out to users. We're going to push another update or two to iTookOff 1.7.X for bug fixes but work is steadily happening on iTookOff 2.0. We're going to focus on getting data export on 1.7.X to iTookOff Online so when 2.0 comes out you will just be able to login. Sorry for the delays on this, we are working on it as hard as we can and hope to have some news for you guys soon!

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