Multi-profile Accounts are Here!

We're putting the finishing touches on multi-profile accounts in iTookOff Online. This means you can now track time for more than one person in your account. If you've ever needed to track time for a spouse or significant other, iTookOff Online can now do it. If you are finding this page from a search engine, sign-up for a free account! A second profile is free for now but when the site officially launches users will be charged to add profiles to their account. One of the benefits of being a beta tester is that your free extra profile will always be free. You can find it in the new "My Data" section of settings. Once you create your second profile, you will notice a drop-down box appear at the top right in your login module. You can easily switch the context of the site back and forth between your profiles. Keep in mind that if you do an import or adjust time settings in any regard, it will affect your currently active profile. There are some safeguards in place to keep you from accidentally corrupting data between profiles if you browse the site in multiple tabs. The feature is still in beta and while we do exhaustive testing, sometimes things can break. Please contact us in the event that you notice anything awry, particularly in the time adjustment emails.

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