Multi-User Account Discussion

One of the most requested features for iTookOff is the ability to handle multiple users. After re-examining the feedback we've been getting we noticed that there are two distinct requests. Generally, users want to track time for their small business or users just want an extra profile for their spouse on the same account. So, another goal for this year is to offer two distinct multi-user experiences. We'd love to hear your feedback on these ideas and offer the chance to play a role in overall shaping of these products. The first experience that we'd like to offer users is the ability to add configurations to their account. Right now, when you create a free account, one configuration is generated. This configuration contains all of your leave and days off. Users who purchase additional configurations would then have a dropdown to switch between active configurations. Time will be accrued in the same manner it is now, but the email may get longer as more profiles are added. The second experience is what we have named iTookOff MU. This will be a multi-user platform for tracking the leave of multiple users that share similar categories. The goal of this will be a low-cost tiered subscription model for small businesses that want to track the time of their employees. We'd really love to hear your feedback on any ideas regarding features, needs, pricing, etc.

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