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As iTookOff builds in popularity, I get a lot of emails from customers with a ton of great suggestions and excellent feedback. Apart from the great reviews it gets in the app store, I also get a lot of compliments and thanks that I'd like to share:
"Love your app." -CG "Great job on a useful app." -CKE "Just downloaded the update. ? I'm very impressed! ? The new look and features are great! ? Thanks so much!" -LG "This is a really nice app. I truly find it to be very helpful. Thanks." -VA "Love the new version." -JW "Just to say congratulations for an excellent release. You have created one of the best apps for its content and quality." -JT "I like the new home page changes. ... Keep up the good work, thanks!" -AGW "Just what I needed." -SC "I have been using the previous version which was good, now your latest version with the calendar is even better, a great app that is focused and functional - well done." -GG "I've been using ? iTookOff and I rather like it" -DH "Nice new interface. Thank you" -NF "A lot of my friends at work are downloading this program after I told them about it" -RS "I LOVE the new calendar interface." -GC "Amazing update, I'm well glad I bought the app! Great work" -HR "This is a great app" -JT "Thanks for building this app!" -GG "Wonderful program with tons of potential. Keep up the good work." -DM "I love this application..." -TS
My thanks to everyone who uses and enjoys iTookOff. Emails like these make the development worth it. It's grown from a very simple tabulation tool to a high quality and useful application which continues to grow. Thank you!

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