Replatform to Chorizo

We're very happy to announce that iTookOff Online has moved over to our proprietary Chorizo web framework. The entire code-base has been rewritten with modern practices and should run much faster than before. While it will look almost exactly the same as before (for now) there are massive changes under the hood. The decision to move off of CodeIgniter2 was a natural one as the platform is out of date and basically unsupported. Going forward we will be able to leverage new features and modern technologies to continue building the site.

Along with this replatform, we've decided to remove Facebook Connect as a means for authentication with iTookOff Online. The simple fact is that less than 1% of users chose it as an option for logging in and maintaining it holds us back from developing other parts of the site. Users who have a linked account will receive an email with instructions on how to log in to their accounts without Facebook Connect. To be honest, while it is a great feature, it doesn't make too much sense for this particular application other than simply making it easy to login. Facebook comments will also be migrated out as well.

In addition, all prior passwords have been expired. You will need to create a new password upon logging in by following directions in an email you'll receive. This gives us the opportunity to use stronger hashes to increase security moving forward.

It's taken a ton of effort to get back in to fighting shape but we hope the site performance and now the opportunity for us to expand the site makes up for any bugs you guys might come upon. Speaking of which, please let us know immediately if you find any bugs or have any trouble logging in!

TLDR; for a long time iTookOff Online development has been stymied by the aged platform it was originally built on. It is now in the final stages of being replatformed to a faster, more modern, and proprietary framework. We're also removing Facebook Connect functionality.

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