Releasing next update to beta testers

Amongst some other bug fixes and performance enhancements, here is the major changes for 1.5.7:
  • Bi-weekly accrual bug where time is doubled should be resolved.
  • Adjustable Precision (8.0, 8.01, 8.014, etc.)
  • Time in icon badge is now cumulative instead of exclusive.
I will be doing a short beta test period and then a release to Apple. I'll update this post when I release it to Apple. While the majority of my development time on the 1.5 branch has been isolating and fixing the accrual bug, the 1.5.8/1.6 branch has been receiving some large feature updates. More on that soon! I've been receiving a  lot of email from customers recently and I am trying to answer everyone individually. I have to prioritize the email queue to support requests first, feature requests second, and all other inquiries last. If I don't respond to comments and suggestions, please know that I appreciate your feedback and I do read everything. Due to the volume, I may not respond to emails requesting ETA's on features or updates. Please refer to this website for any development news. Thanks everyone! Update 2/16: Added a few more features for 1.5.7. If all looks good on Friday, I will upload it to Apple and hope for late next week for approval. New Features include:
  • Report/Request time from a supervisor
  • Share iTookOff by Email
  • I added a delete button to the edit day screen. This is in addition to swiping on the day in the table, but it's not always obvious.
  • Next paycheck and yearly anniversary are now highlighted in green on the Calendar
  • Maximum time added to the settings for a leave category.
I've resolved to do a major UI update really soon, not this version though.

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