Final Screenshots of 1.6

These are, in all likelihood, final 1.6 screenshots. 1.6 is in extended beta test right now. I'm going to submit it to Apple as soon as 1.5.7 is approved or rejected. I'm still open to feedback. Below is the new home screen, the new notification system, and the holidays screen.
The homescreen was modified so the rows are larger, there are disclosure indicators on the categories, the wonky buttons are removed to make use of the tab bar.  
Holidays will gray out days in your calendar. These holidays will only appear if your phone is set for the US country code. If you don't live in the US and would like holidays to appear on your calendar, contact me and let me know.  
iTookOff now maintains a database of your notifications. Any leave accrual you get will be in here for future reference. I plan on adding a lot more functionality to this. OH! And weekly accrual has been added.

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