1.5.7 released to Apple, here's 1.6 alpha screenshot

1.5.7 has been sent to Apple. Preliminary reports from beta testers and some thorough unit testing seem to confirm the bi-weekly accrual is fixed. We're hoping for a release date early next week, but that depends on Apple. As you may have guessed, IA and UI design is not my forte. I like to experiment with things and they tend to get out of hand sometimes. As a result of subjecting everyone to a terrible UI for so long, I've started moving a lot of stuff around for 1.6. The immediate goal is to logically separate everything and get back in line with people's expectations. I may release 1.6 as just a UI update and then merge the next feature set into it for 1.6.1. The main reason is that 1.6 is going to require another CoreData lightweight migration to add the new notification storage system. Any feedback on the direction? Icons may or may not be final (probably not).

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