1.5.6 Released to Apple

Thanks again for waiting, this should address some of the highest requested features and fixes for iTookOff. I'm going to attach links to screenshots at the bottom. I plan on fixing the UI to make the eight categories fit better and also possibly review the color choices if anyone objects to them. Here is the meta for the update:
Please backup your data before updating! This was actually a pretty big update. Fixes and Features:
  • Adds FOUR more leave categories! (Colors may be reviewed in future versions. Thanks for your patience on this update everyone! Also, I'm going to update the home screen to better fit them all without scrolling soon.)
  • Fixes rounding issue that could contribute to double the amount of time added when using bi-weekly accrual. Please let me know right away if this does not fix the double-time issue for you.
  • New app icon and modified loading screen.
  • Saturday and Sunday are now ignored when adding multiple days to the calendar. This will be adjustable in future versions.
  • Display error when deleting time fixed to take into account individual leave category display type. This was just a display bug, correct time would be re-added if user requested.
Screenshot (more to come soon): Home screen with eight categories open (needs some work now): http://i.imgur.com/lHfoQ.png

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