1.5.6 Almost Complete, Future of iTookOff

There is a bug where sometimes time accrued bi-weekly may appear to double up the amount of time it's adding. I am currently testing a fix for it. If anyone would like to beta test a patch, please contact me ASAP! I've also fixed a display bug when deleting items that are not the default display type. Also, I've added 3 more leave categories which are disabled by default. This particular update has been asked for by many Fire and EMS workers. I'm hoping to have some interface updates for 1.5.6 but it may have to wait for 1.6. Things don't seem to fit right with 7 leave categories but it's definitely something I will work on. Thanks for your patience everyone. While iTookOff isn't a very successful app, I do enjoy working on it and always appreciate the feedback I receive. It has unfortunately had to take a back seat while I pursued more profitable opportunities but, depending on future sales performance, I may have a few more updates in store for it. Hopefully coming in 1.6, (but subject to change):
  • Updates to the UI
  • US Holidays
  • Adjustable Weekends Ignored by the Calendar
  • Weekly Accrual
  • Local Notifications on Accrual Dates

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