1.5.5 service update is on the way

1.5.5 has been uploaded to Apple for review. Below is the meta from the update and a sneak peek of the new settings screen. Always remember to back up your data and please report any bugs. There's a ton of new code in this. Thanks and sorry this isn't a major feature update.
BACKUP YOUR DATA BEFORE INSTALLING THIS! This is a major service update which changes of a lot of how iTookOff works on the back-end so there is a possibility for data loss. - Fixes bug with anniversary-date and next-paycheck date crashing the app. - Settings screen is redesigned and now has in-line instructions. - Adds "set this leave amount as app badge" - Display type (hours or days) is now independent for each leave category. - You can now turn off leave categories you aren't using. - Internal revisions to code to allow for more leave categories and localization. - "Added time" is no longer counted in the summation column.
Sneak peek of the new settings screen. With three quarters of a vacation day, now you know why these updates are taking so long: iTookOff Settings Screen

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