1.6 development update

It's not done yet, as it's another rather large update. However, I have started gathering together an almost final list of changes that will be in 1.6. For the most part, 1.6 won't be released until all of this is in and tested.
  • 3 new leave categories with the option to enable or disable them. disabling removes them from the front page.
  • updated settings screen which is easier to navigate.
  • better instructional information for each setting.
  • show adjustable summation of time as a badge on the application icon (red number on the icon).
  • prediction screen that shows current actual usage of time versus predicted usage at a specified date.
  • countdown to accrual in notification area.
  • use-it-or-lose-it notification when you are 60 days away from your anniversary.
  • adjustable weekends so the calendar will skip over them when entering blocks of time.
  • a handful of public American holidays that you can turn on and off. More to come in maintenance releases.
There is a ton of code behind the scenes that I am also wrapping up into this update. I am getting ready to localize it internationally for 1.7 so the groundwork for that is being written. This is not an exhaustive list, I'm sure there's more than a handful of features I've added that escape me right now. Sorry for the delays.

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